Tool Kit - Ecosystem
Funding Sources

The Small Business Empowerment Center

The Small Business Empowerment Center is a Missouri 501c3 Nonprofit Organization sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Empowerment Zone to serve as is a one stop shop to help urban entrepreneurs start and grow their own business enterprise.
The SBEC’s mission is to provide economic development initiatives focus on assisting entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses and thus create wealth within their communities. SBEC helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of starting businesses in distressed and underserved neighborhoods and urban “Main Street” business districts through four major resources:
    1. Educational Workshops
    2. Community Programing
    3. Consulting Services
    4. Collaborative Partnerships.

Stadia Ventures

Stadia Ventures is a Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. We create an ecosystem for sports innovation growth by leveraging our team’s core strengths – education, investment and industry expertise.

Missouri Venture Forum (MVF)

MVF is a non-profit organization formed in 1985.  Originally known as Missouri Venture Forum, we exist to bring together people who are genuinely interested in helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

We serve entrepreneurs – those leading the growth of earlier stage businesses – through peer networking, topical education and access to capital resources.

St. Louis Arch Angels

The mission of the St. Louis Arch Angels is to provide opportunities for our members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies with high growth potential in the St. Louis Region and accelerating them to market leadership.

The Arch Angels is a part of the region’s seed to later stage equity capital continuum and are targeting an investment range that is generally underserved by institutional venture capital firms. The Arch Angel network is an important component of the region’s capacity to finance innovation emerging from our universities and research institutes, companies, and technology incubators.

FTL Capital

FTL Capital is a private investment firm representing the interests of its Managing Partner, Thomas Hillman. We focus on partnering with managers and entrepreneurs to execute on their strategic visions and build long term value. We have no set investment horizon and continue to own the first business we acquired over 10 years ago. Our approach is straight forward, people come first. The potential to have “true significance” in the lives of our investment’s key constituencies—employees, customers, and community, is what drives us today.

Regional Growth Capital

Regional Growth Capital facilitates business growth through unique financing. While many alternative financing options require the surrender of equity, Regional Growth Capital provides investments without taking an ownership interest.

Regional Growth Capital serves the entire St. Louis/ Illinois region, and is owned by 33 banks, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, St. Louis Development Corporation, and the Economic Development Center of St. Charles County.

Yield Lab

Through $100,000 in funding, world class mentoring and support, and the agriculturally solid framework of St. Louis, Missouri, selected companies will participate a 9 month cohort preparing them to penetrate agricultural markets. We are excited to be doing our part to help make St. Louis the gateway city to a more food secure future.

Capital Innovators – Searching for Investors

The search for investors

Helix Fund

Helix Center Biotech Incubator is owned and operated by St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, which over the past 20 years has helped launch successful businesses through four other incubators located throughout the community.


Our mission is to attract the most innovative and promising FinTech ideas, and work with like-minded corporate partners to mentor and grow them into great businesses.

  • SixThirty is a FinTech venture fund and accelerator.
  • Partnership between the St. Louis Financial Forum (Regional Chamber) and Cultivation Capital.
  • Our focus is business development, targeting late-seed stage FinTech startups that have a product, market traction, and are starting to earn revenue.