Tool Kit - Finances
Pro Formas

Product and Company Pivot

Presentation from Jeff Gamble.


Telling Your Financial Story to Banks and Investors

Best viewed in conjunction with PowerPoint presentation from Jack Sciatizzi.


Financial Projections and Pro Formas

Best viewed in conjunction with the  Powerpoint presentation by Ryan Bretsch.


Tomasz Tunguz Blog

Tomasz is a partner at Redpoint. He invests in Series A and Series B SaaS companies. He writes daily, data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups including how to fund raise, startup benchmarks, management best practices and team building.

MaRS Discovery District – Financial Statements

Note: MaRS is based in Canada and not all references are applicable to US businesses.

SCORE – Business Planning

Writing a business plan

SCORE – Templates

MOSBDC – Financial Statements

Financial statement Excel templates

Kauffman Foundation Founder’s School – Finance

Nine modules on startup finances.

Financial Statement Basics

Best viewed in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation by Jennifer Bohnert.