Tool Kit - Product Development
Product Management


Best viewed in conjunction with the Powerpoint presentation by Mary Brice.



Best viewed in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation by Mark Hill.


Product Management

Best viewed in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation by Mary Brice.


Recognizing Opportunities

Best viewed in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation by Marc Bowers.


Arch Reactor

We fall under the umbrella of the hackerspace and maker movements. While some of our members are involved in the information security industry, you won’t have any fear of getting your phone or computer hacked by visiting our space. The hacking we do is creative, not destructive. When we refer to hacking, we mean either the re-purposing or modification of a commercial product, DIY hacking together of a project, or just the act of exciting, creative work.

We are a 501c3 Educational Non-Profit Organization. Our space is a communal workshop for our members to share tools and work on projects. It is also a place to learn new skills, either in one of our classes, or from the many experts that make up our membership. Most importantly, we are a welcoming and creative place for all makers in the St. Louis area.

St. Louis Product Management Group

We are a St. Louis-based not-for-profit organization that coordinates regular in-person meetings and events focused on product management and other product-related topics.


MaRS Discovery District – MVP

MaRS Discovery District – Product Management

MaRS Discovery District – Beta Testing

MaRS Discovery District – TALC

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