New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

May 10, 2019

November 12, 2020 @ 12:00 am – November 18, 2020 @ 12:00 am
New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast
New  episode of  Entrepreneurially Thinking  podcast

Joining us today is Lusnail Haberberger, President of LUZCO Technologies, a top-notch electrical engineering consulting firm. Lusnail drew her skills as an Electrical Engineer and seasoned Project Manager for large scale infrastructure projects to deliver best-in-class services and continues to make a name for herself in this modern industry.

In this episode:

Lus tells us about coming to the states from Venezuela through an exchange program at 16 years of age. Lus says she realized early on the importance of becoming bi-lingual and says she took her schooling very seriously. Lus says her entrepreneurial spirit was conceived while working on her MBA and feels that entrepreneurial thinking to her means having the courage to not let your fears depict who you are.

Lus explains that upon moving to St. Louis she was contracted by Ameren to provide her consulting expertise. Lus says Ameren gave her the tools she needed such as training programs and incubators to help her launch her business which is by the way the fastest growing businesses in the St. Louis region with 28 employees in just three years’ time.

Lus talks about how as a business owner, she has had to pivot business procedures during Covid. She says good computers, good technology, and constant contact with her clients has helped her maintain good relations in an effort to keep the business moving forward.

Lus tells us what it means to her to be connected to certain entities in an effort to help her maintain business growth and profitability and explains that the Hispanic Chamber has helped her directly in so many ways.

In closing, Lus tells us about a few of the challenges she has faced and how she has conquered those challenges.

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