New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

May 10, 2019

January 14, 2021 @ 12:00 am – January 20, 2021 @ 12:00 am
New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast
New  episode of  Entrepreneurially Thinking  podcast

Joining us today is  Murielle Gaither, CEO of Venku, the easy way to list and look for unique outdoor experiences across America. Murielle is a ‘do-er’ with the ability to transform a vision into a reality through years of experience with strategic planning, goal setting, and rallying her team and stakeholders around a unified calling.

In this episode:

Murielle says she grew up in a facility full of entrepreneurs and attributes growing up in that world, with helping her with her business experience and the entrepreneur vision. Murielle says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means looking at the world through a new lens, encountering problems, and being able to see them as opportunities.

Murielle explains how the concept of Venku came to be. An idea birthed from her Father’s mind, placed on hold then handed over to Murielle she says she willingly took over the project and ran with it.

Murielle goes into detail just how Venku works. She says Venku provides the tech and the host provides the experience. Murielle also explains how Venku meets everyone in the middle from the host to the customer.

Murielle talks about all the different aspects of business she has learned along the way; everything from research and product testing on the tech side of the app and platform development. Murielle loves relying on her long-standing hosts for feedback and loves the long term relationships she has formed through their business.

Murielle speaks about her role as CEO and says while it was hard at first, she has learned to ask for help, in an effort to free up some of her time to utilize her personal strengths to push the business to its full potential.

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