New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast

July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018 – August 1, 2018 all-day
New Episode of the Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast
New  episode of  Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast is live!

Joining us today is Reine Bayoc, Creator and Owner of the thriving SweetArt Bake Shop in St. Louis. SweetArt Bakeshop is a from-scratch bakery specializing in traditional, vegan, and gluten-free American baked goods. The cafe also serves a plant-based breakfast and lunch menu that has a loyal following of meat eaters.

Along with operating the bakeshop, Reine is the founder and creator of the Love and Magic Kitchen, a blog where she shares recipes, stories, and inspires all the culinary-timid to trust their intuitive internal cooks.

In our conversation with Reine:

Where did her passion for cooking originate?

What have her travels contributed to Reine’s “food-venture”? Her philosophy as well as strategy?

What is “Intuitive cooking”?

Who were Reine’s entrepreneurial influencers.

How she finds balance.

Reine emphasizes self-care. She shares her methods and recommendations.

Reine’s encouragement to women who have a passion for something that may be intimidating to pursue.

Some of the entrepreneurial lessons Reine wants to pass along.

What is Love & Magic?

Reine is working on her next venture: and it is a big deal…”Love & Magic”, a dessert and wine lounge.

What are the plans for SweetArt?

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